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So a bunch of anonymous writers from my school created this site and have some really good content. Even if you don’t go to my school, there’s plenty of advice and funny stories to be read (since the News section won’t even pertain to you).

So yeah, I like it. Maybe, I might even love it. I just wish I could have been a part of it !

Right? Bro, The one about food is gonna be my faveee. And True Story bro was Hillarious cause of the harry potter stuff. xD

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Love of my lifeeee

Love of my lifeeee

jettroppongi said: He does. -________- ahahah.

Boo Boo Stewart is fuckin’ beautiful. LOL

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These whores Jerek and Justin Knocked the fuck out. I don’t wanna be mean and do something funny while they sleep but, Damn, I almost did.

And I can’t stand it. 

And I can’t stand it. 

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Those moments where you wait, impatiently refreshing your e-mail for your letter to pottermore.

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At first.. I was disappointed with the cast for the Hunger games

But after looking again, the actors for Peeta and Gale seem alright. I just wish they were younger. Peeta is suppose to be 16 and buff not 20 and fit. Gale’s actor seem alright because it did say he seem older than the 18, and his look does seem as daunting as I would imagine Gale’s to be. Now Katniss on the other hand, I’m not sure. I still wish they would have casted Kaya Scodelario like planned

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